BRM Executive Brief

How BRM transforms IT organizations into strategic business partners

The Business Relationship Management (BRM) Executive Brief targets C-Level executives and staff, It and business leaders, and anyone looking to understand the power and scope BRM brings to an organization. The audience learns BRM’s mission and vision, what it does (and doesn’t do), how it measures success, and, most importantly, how it positively impacts an organization.

The brief is delivered at an executive level, lasting approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on whether additional topics are requested to be covered.

Main areas of discussion include:

    • Why BRM is needed; How it integrates within an IT operating model and with business partners.
    • How BRM drives growth, efficiency, and innovation for business partners, and how it influences strategies for both business partners and IT.
    • How BRM positively impacts business performance in critical areas.
    • How to measure success for a BRM program.

The BRM Executive Brief is a part of the BRM Institute Knowledge Path to Success Introduction Series that adds to the BRM Institute’s current BRM certification programs, BRMP® and CBRM®.

1 hour (virtual)