About Us

“According to a study, when you begin a sentence with “According to a study…” people will believe anything you say”

– Unknown

That’s not who we are. We will never give you “consultant speak” or send you 50-slide PowerPoint decks that say absolutely nothing. We are all about understanding your needs and delivering actionable results based on years of expertise, proven methodologies, and common sense.

So if you are more comfortable with large consulting companies who will give you elaborate presentations and armies of consultants, we understand. In fact, give us a call – we have worked with many of them in the past and are happy to help you find the best one. But if you want practical, innovative, and lasting solutions give us a try. You’ll be glad you did.

And by the way, we are happy to talk to you about your needs and possible solutions, even if it doesn’t result in an engagement. We believe in karma, so we are happy to help others. Really.

Jeff Warren



Doug Solomon

Technology Innovation

Chris Silbernagel

Data and Analytics

Matt Kineiko

Technology Research

Business Relationship Management (BRM)

Create a highly successful BRM program using proven methodologies and years of practical experience in developing strong and influential BRM teams.  Develop internal talent to become strong BRMs through coaching, mentoring, and formal training.

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Design Thinking

Deploy Design Thinking in your organization to solve complex problems and generate new ideas to meet customers’ unmet needs.  Develop internal talent to embrace empathy and think more creatively, engaging, inspiring and empowering people to challenge traditional thinking and the status quo.

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Technology Innovation

Explore new and emerging technologies that can impact your company, customers, and industry. Keep your finger on the pulse of new inventions and trends that affect your customers and industry.  Connect with influential tech companies and startups in Silicon Valley.

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