BRM Executive Briefing

Presenting the BRM Business Case to Management

Few IT areas are as misunderstood as BRM. IT management sometimes hesitates to support it, perceiving it merely as a bridge between IT and business partners. Some in IT resist BRM because their lack of understanding can result in unfounded territorial issues.

To dispel misconceptions and showcase BRM’s potential to positively impact organizations, we offer an Executive Briefing for IT management and staff. These no-cost Executive Briefings  illustrate BRM’s power, depth, and scope, and convey:

  • Why BRM is needed
  • What BRM does
  • What it doesn’t do
  • How BRM impacts an organization
  • BRM focus areas, maturity levels, and outcomes
  • An example of how the role functions in a strategic and impactful way
  • Critical areas to address

The briefings are held free of charge virtually or in person and take about 1 hour (35-40 minutes for the presentation and about 20 minutes for Q&A).

If you want more information or to schedule an Executive Briefing for your organization, please click the link below.