BRM Performance Measurement

Maximizing BRM Strategic Impact Through Performance Measurement

When organizations invest in BRM programs, they seek tangible returns and positive impact. However, the strategic nature of BRM often complicates measurement, leaving many organizations grappling with how to gauge its true impact. Our BRM Performance Measurement program provides the methodologies to effectively assess the performance and impact of BRM within a client’s organization.

The Challenge:

Many organizations create basic metrics to gauge BRM performance, often focusing on tactical goals rather than the strategic impact that BRM makes. Consequently, assessments are skewed, frequently reflecting overall departmental performance (e.g., IT) rather than BRM itself, hindering the recognition of BRM’s true potential.

Our Solution:

At Barkley Consulting Group, we’ve developed a transformative methodology to define, assess, and enhance BRM performance. Our approach is tailored for each organization, ensuring proper alignment with strategic objectives.

We do this by utilizing a “Define-Assess-Address” approach:

  1. Define: We develop a comprehensive series of metrics and measures to capture BRM performance levels, incorporating both quantitative metrics and qualitative measures. This holistic approach reveals critical opportunities for BRM and organizational success.
  2. Assess: Our BRM Assessment Process combines quantitative analysis of both individual BRM team members and the team as a whole, complemented by qualitative feedback from business partners. This dual evaluation ensures a comprehensive understanding of BRM performance.
  3. Address: Utilizing the assessment findings, we craft a series of customized recommendations to address developmental needs and organizational opportunities to improve BRM team development and overall performance.


  • Targeted Training: Highlighting individual and team training needs fosters skill development across the BRM team, leading to a high-performing BRM team.
  • Strategic Growth: Identifying growth areas for the BRM team (e.g., bringing thought leadership to business partners) helps drive strategic objectives.
  • Strengthened Partnerships: Involving business partners in the assessment process fosters collaboration and immediate impact on business outcomes.
  • Clear ROI: Accurate measurement of BRM performance translates into impact, showing a clear Return on Investment for the BRM program.

If you would like more information on our BRM Performance Measurement Approach, please click on the link below.