BRM Program Optimization

Evolving BRM teams and programs to deliver maximum value to the organization

Like any other new function, role, or initiative, BRM must continue to evolve or risk losing its momentum. Executives will question the return on investment, partners will seek higher levels of impact, and top talent will find other avenues for career growth. The most effective BRM programs are the ones that go beyond the day-to-day responsibilities of the role to provide additional value aimed at increasing the business unit’s strategic and operational advantage. They seek out opportunities for innovation or productivity gains. Highly optimized programs strengthen partnerships between business units and IT.

We work with organizations to develop these competencies within their BRM programs. Using proven approaches, we teach BRMs what an optimized organization looks like and what that means for both business partners and IT. We review what BRMs must do to help achieve this level of performance and the thinking, tools, and capabilities needed to make that happen. These efforts help the BRM to become a proactive agent of change in their organization, positively impacting business strategies, plans, and results.

This includes:

  • Identifying ways to decisively affect the bottom line, including cost savings, cost avoidance, and investment leveraging
  • Learning how to incorporate three key ingredients – empathy, creativity, and accomplishment – to make BRM an indispensable resource for business partners
  • Establishing strong, collaborative, meaningful relationships with IT (or other service provider organizations) based on human connection
  • Identifying opportunities that challenge the status quo, inspire new growth, and create competitive advantage for your company
  • Bringing new thinking and ideas to business partners using Design Thinking
  • Empowering business leaders with knowledge of technology trends to help them make better informed decisions on future goals
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