BRM Coaching and Development

Coaching BRMs to Improve Performance, Increase Skill Level, and Fulfill Goals

The BRM role is not easy. There is an abundance of skills, tactics, and strategies a BRM must deploy to be successful. Learning those skills via training is one thing. Applying them successfully is another.

To help individual BRMs and the BRM Lead execute the role effectively (and in a high-performing way), ongoing coaching sessions are used to work with the team to develop their BRM skills, address current challenges, and advance the team to meet its vision/strategy.

Our BRM Coaching services provide the BRM with a mentor who is an expert in this field and can teach the BRM how to execute what they have learned in the BRM’s environment. For coaching and mentoring to succeed, the context must be considered and adapted to the environment in which the BRM works. It is not “one size fits all.”

Coaching is held in a variety of fashions:

  • 1-1 or by group
  • For BRMs or BRM Leads
  • On a periodic basis (e.g., weekly, monthly, quarterly) or ad-hoc
  • In-person or virtual

For more information on our coaching and mentoring services, please request more information below.