Business Relationship Management

Creating a high-performing BRM program that drives growth, increases effectiveness,
and makes a positive impact throughout the organization


At Barkley Consulting Group, we have years of experience building Business Relationship Management (BRM) programs that drive growth and efficiency, provide thought leadership, and create impact. We don’t rely on others’ knowledge – we have actually done it before.

When done right, BRM can become one of the most influential roles in an organization. Successful organizations come to rely on BRM and find it an indispensable resource of action and strategic vision.

Our team knows what works and what doesn’t. We teach our clients how to perform the BRM role at a top level and optimize how it fits an organization’s culture and dynamics. BRM is NOT a “one size fits all” capability.

Whether it’s building a successful BRM program, creating a more meaningful and beneficial partnership with business partners, or developing BRM staff with critical leadership skills, we can help.


BRM Courses/Training

Effective BRMs need specialized training to execute the role properly and make an impact on their organization.  We provide training classes and workshops that coach and train BRMs not only in the “mechanics” of BRM but how to successfully apply those (and other) tools, techniques, and processes.  We enable these skills in BRMs through both classroom and experiential training.


Building a BRM Program

Our years of experience building, leading, and evolving Business Relationship Management functions for major corporations means that we can help you develop effective BRM strategies and organizational models. This will in turn build strong partnerships between IT and their business partners and optimize your organization’s technology investments.


BRM Coaching and Development

The BRM role is unlike any other. It employs skills and techniques far beyond those of others in the organization. BRMs benefit from coaching in areas specific to the role itself and the “soft skills” that BRMs need to act at the highest levels of an organization. Using proven methodology and practical experience, we coach and mentor BRMs to reach their potential and deliver maximum benefit to their organization.