Webinar: Habits of Highly Influential BRM Teams

Webinar: Habits of Highly Influential BRM Teams


Do you ever wonder why some BRM organizations thrive while others experience difficulty?

This webinar breaks downs the behaviors and actions that influential BRM organizations regularly exhibit—many of them easy to implement but often overlooked. The presentation doesn’t have strict prescriptive actions to take (it is always more than that) but is more strategic and inspirational to help programs move in the right direction.  It covers areas around:

  • Seeing Things Through the Eyes of Your Business Partner (a.k.a., BRM is Not About You!)
  • Building Meaningful Relationships
  • How to Collaborate Within a BRM Organization (you would be surprised at how many cannot do this and how valuable it can be)
  • Making an Impact!

This strategic and inspirational webinar was created in conjunction with the BRM Institute and is geared toward influential business leaders such as CIOs, CHOs, BRMs, business leaders, and other key partners.