Coaching / Mentoring

Helping individuals – and organizations – reach their full potential with Design Thinking

Design Thinking can be a rewarding and impactful experience for both employers and employees. Organizations have the opportunity to develop internal talent to learn and lead Design Thinking efforts. This is where Barkley Consulting Group comes in. We provide training and mentoring services to ensure that you achieve the highest value from implementing Design Thinking

Mentoring Services

Our mentoring provides “training wheels” to the resources within your business and guides them through projects as well as increasing confidence and skills to work independently, creating design projects on their own. We also provide ongoing support, advice, and guidance for Design Thinking projects, challenges, and leadership within your organization.

Barkley Consulting Group mentoring is a bespoke service meaning that our approach to you is entirely individualized to the project you’re undertaking, the expertise of team members, the availability of all involved and, of course, time and budget restraints.

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Coaching / Training

Our coaching/training sessions empower members of your internal team to become experts in the Design Thinking approach, ensuring that they develop the necessary advanced techniques and skills to lead workshops and Design Thinking approaches within the organization.

Training engagements are highly dynamic based on several factors relating to the resources involved, their availability, desired timing, and the culture and management support of the requesting organization.

Typically, those who are going to be trainers must participate in a two-day workshop which then leads to working closely with Barkley Consulting Group to receive further in-depth training in key Design Thinking concepts, tools and training methodologies. Depending on the project and time available, trainers may also co-lead a workshop with us to further develop their skills.

Once training is completed, trainers will be confident in not only providing their own Design Thinking workshops in your organization but in training others to lead them, too.

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