Coaching / Mentoring

Helping individuals – and organizations – reach their full potential with Design Thinking

Design Thinking can be a very rewarding and impactful approach to use in an organization.  Along the way, organizations can develop internal talent to learn and lead Design Thinking efforts. To help in this endeavor, we provide training and mentoring services to help achieve the highest value from using Design Thinking.

Mentoring Services

We mentor resources within your organization to provide “training wheels” to guide them through projects and increase their confidence and skills in doing design projects on their own. We also offer ongoing support, advice and guidance for Design Thinking projects, challenges, and leadership within your organization.

Mentorship requirements will depend on a number of factors, including the type of project being executed, the level of expertise and availability of project team members and leadership, management support, and time/budget constraints.

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Coaching / Training

The goal of the coaching / training sessions are to train members of your internal team to become expert in the Design Thinking approach so they develop the necessary advanced techniques and skills to lead workshops and Design Thinking efforts within the organization.

Typical training engagements require the “to-be” trainers to first participate in a 2- day  workshop and then work with the Barkley Consulting Group to receive more in-depth training in key Design Thinking concepts, tools, and training methodologies. Depending on timing, trainers may co-lead a workshop with the Barkley Consulting Group to further develop skills. At the end of the engagement, the trainers are ready to not only lead Design Thinking workshops in their organization but to help train others to lead them as well.

Training engagements are highly dynamic based on several factors relating to the resources involved, their availability, desired timing, and the culture and management support of the requesting organization.

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