Design Thinking

Unlocking the creativity found in all of us to develop
meaningful solutions to your customers’ unmet needs

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”

– Henry Ford

Organizations face design challenges every day. Whether creating new customer experiences, designing new products and services, or developing ideas to increase customer engagement, organizations must adapt to a changing world. Problems are real, complex, and varied. Traditional thinking is no longer a viable option. Today’s challenges require new thinking, new tools, and new approaches.

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach towards problem-solving that sees a problem from the eyes of your end-user—the customer, the employee, the partner. It is a new way of thinking that embraces empathy, inspires creativity, and encourages experimentation to create solutions that meet the needs of the audience for whom you are designing. Design Thinking is a highly experiential technique any organization can employ to generate new ideas to solve problems while achieving maximum customer benefit.

At Barkley Consulting Group, our team of experts has deep knowledge of Design Thinking through years of practical experience. We use that experience to help organizations master Design Thinking to unleash the creativity that exists within their people. Our experiential workshops, classroom training, and customized activities engage, inspire, energize, and educate participants and deliver the following value:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Design Thinking approach and how it is used to solve problems and create new opportunities
  • A solid understanding of innovation; how to inspire creativity and think innovatively
  • How to apply Design Thinking to real-world problems and opportunities
  • Valuable professional development skills, including empathy, collaboration, storytelling, and leadership
  • How to move rapidly from idea to action using prototyping, experimentation, and iteration
  • Changing mindsets to accept failure as a positive force
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The Workshops

The best way to learn Design Thinking is to do Design Thinking. We deliver experiential in-person or virtual workshops designed around real issues your organization is facing.  Attendees learn the Design Thinking approach and immediately apply it to a specific need or problem. They leave the workshop with the tools, knowledge, and experience to use Design Thinking in their work the very next day.

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Coaching / Mentoring

For more specific needs, we work side-by-side with clients on a particular projects, events, or initiatives that utilize Design Thinking. We provide ongoing counsel, guidance, and support from beginning to end to ensure clients meet their objectives and see results. In addition, we deliver training to internal resources to develop the necessary techniques and skills to lead Design Thinking efforts for your organization.

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Seminars and Briefings

Seminars or Executive Briefings that teach the fundamentals of Design Thinking and take participants through a variety of exercises to learn and experience this innovative approach to problem-solving. These seminars are for professionals who want to understand key Design Thinking concepts but not at the workshop level and are useful as a stand-alone session or as part of an offsite meeting.

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