Seminars and Briefings

Design Thinking for offsite meetings and executive overviews

At Barkley Consulting Group, we believe that the best way to learn is to do and, in turn, the best way to learn about Design Thinking is to do it yourself. Our seminars offer a high-level overview of the Design Thinking process and engage participants by conducting a practical exercise in the approach.

Whether you opt to receive our seminars in-person or virtually, we can guarantee that participants will leave with an appreciation for the approach, awareness of case studies that convey its effectiveness in real-world situations, and the ways that it can be practically implemented within your organization.

Our seminars are for professionals who would like to learn and understand key Design Thinking concepts but aren’t quite at the workshop level. Barkley Consulting Group seminars are effective as stand-alone sessions, executive briefings, or as part of an offsite meeting.