BRM Connect 2021 Keynote Session – The High-Performing BRM

BRM Connect 2021 Keynote Session – The High-Performing BRM


BRM 2021 Keynote Presentation – The High-Performing BRM

The BRM role can be one of the most rewarding and impactful roles in an organization. But for BRMs to reach that goal, they must perform at the highest level, performing and thinking as leaders. They must exhibit the skills and traits of executives while also taking the initiative to execute specific tasks that yield desired outcomes. They must build collaborative and meaningful relationships, and think like innovators to find new growth opportunities for their organization. In essence, to do all of those things, they must become high-performing BRMs. This session aims to help BRMs learn what it takes to become a high-performing BRM. It will take the audience beyond the foundational aspects of the role into the areas in which BRMs must succeed to become truly indispensable. This session will empower all BRMs – whether veterans or newcomers – with the awareness of how to make a real impact and become powerful members of their organization.

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